Consumer Touchpoints for Successful Marketing

by Restaurant Fan Expert on December 3, 2011

A successful marketing program needs to incorporate many different aspects.  Whether you are opening a new restaurant, introducing a new chef, adding exciting new menu items or have daily specials to announce, you must be certain that your message gets to the right people and ensure that your customers have the latest information about your restaurant.

For best results, an integrated marketing plan should be used.  Social media is becoming a centerpiece of the up-to-the-minute advertising that is occurring, with the introduction of Facebook, Twitter and other mini-blogging sites.  Having online friends and followers is a key for many small business owners, and a fantastic way for business owners to establish a stronger connection with their customers.

Offering special coupons and discounts for loyal customers is easily integrated when you embrace the power of social media options.  The ability to instantly connect with and have real time interactions with customers will allow for an easier method for building loyalty and getting feedback.  Changes you make will be readily visible to the masses, increasing your credibility and building your brand—for free!

Communicating with your customers regularly is made easy with social media.  You don’t have to go through the cumbersome work of creating and distributing flyers, paying for expensive advertising or dealing with difficult marketing strategies.  All you have to do is make a post or a tweet, and your most loyal customers instantly know.  With the increasing numbers of smart phones and mobile Internet devices, most fans and followers will know within seconds.

Using consumer touchpoints essentially means being able to meet your customers “where they are.”  This doesn’t mean geographically (though that helps), but means that you are able to provide what they need when they need it.  Being able to have close communication and contact with your loyal customers is one way that you can accomplish this.

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