Developing a Brand for Your Business

by Restaurant Fan Expert on December 5, 2011

Creating a larger voice for your brand means getting the word out however you can.  Advertising must be very powerful in order to get your message heard.  Television commercials and print ads can be extremely expensive, and many business owners are turning to the Internet to get their brands recognized and advertised.  Using social media has become extremely popular and very effective for small businesses to advertise their products and services.

Finding ways to capture an audience using social media is important.  Many social media consultants are available to help business owners with developing an Internet marketing plan that is inexpensive and extremely effective.  A social media consultant will evaluate the type of business you have and assess the possibilities for clientele.  Once this determination is made, an appropriate campaign can be launched.

Depending on the demographics of the target audience, different types of Internet marketing may be used.  Social media, at first, was targeted primarily at a younger crowd.  However, today’s social media techniques are broad and far reaching, and can catch the attention of many different age groups.  Social media advertising is very powerful, baby boomers are even getting in on the action, especially with the most mainstream options, like Facebook and Twitter.

Establishing a brand for your company takes time and persistence.  You will know you are established when you have customers that recognize and seek out your brand, and help spread the word.  One way to help establish your brand is to develop a motto.  Everyone knows that Wheaties cereal is “the breakfast of champions,” or that General Electric (GE) “brings good things to life.”  These are catch phrases that make these particular brands even more of a household name.  while you may not be the next Nike (“just do it”), you can still develop a strong and memorable message for your customers, one that creates a voice and can be easily spread using social media and other marketing tools.

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