Make-up Air Fans

restaurant make-up air fan

The Place to Buy Restaurant Make-Up Air Fans for Commercial Kitchens, Fast & Easy, Online!

Make-Up Air Fans

Attractive standard features as well as numerous options and accessories insure maximum design flexibility and application versatility.


  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum Housing
  • 90-day Limited Warranty on all electric motors
  • Factory set drive
  • Direct drive motors are enclosed in weather-tight compartments


Makeup Air Supply Fans REFSF5 (Recommended for Hood Sizes of 4′ – 10′)
Makeup Air Supply Fans REFSF7 (Recommended for Hood Sizes of 11′ – 12′)
Makeup Air Supply Fans REFSF8 (Recommended for Hood Sizes of 13′ – 14′)